Pak Arab Engineering
Pak Arab Engineering (Pvt) Ltd
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Our Mission

The committed members of Team Pakarab share the common mission and are determined to:-

  1. Dedicated to excellence in EPCC project performance, Pak Arab Engineering (Pvt) Limited is committed to achieve and continually improve the high standards of Health, Safety and Environment in all its work location and operation by
  2. Controlling and preventing pollution to improve its environmental performance
  3. Identifying, Avoiding, Investigating and where possible, elimination significant environmental aspects, occupational risk & hazards to provide a safe & healthy work place.
  4. Providing awareness and training to enable all stakeholders and interested parties complying with its HSE Policy and adherent procedures.
  5. Ensuring compliance of all applicable legal and other requirements considering the concern of public and other interested parties in developing and improving its HSE Management System.
Pak Arab Government Clients
Pak Arab Corporate Clients
Doosan Haevy Industory Fauji Fertilizer Company Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited Foundation Power Company Daharki Limited Fatima Fertilizer Engro Fertilizers Engro Polymer & Chamicals Engro Powergen Engro Foods BHP OMV GE CNCEC DG Cement Ansaldo Energia Liberty Power TULLOW GASCO CURRANTAGE CLOUGH PETRONAS PDIL PEPSI BYCO Descon MOL