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PAEL team is competent to perform calibration services for Electrical & Instrumentation works with latest tools & equipments.

Service Description

PAEL team is competent to perform calibration services for Electrical & Instrumentation works with latest tools & equipment’s.

Pak Arab Engineering (Pvt.) Limited provides the best onsite – offsite electrical installation and service with the highest level of professionalism, drawing upon the expertise and character of our safety-focused, with our core trained team members.

We provide a full range of electrical services, ranging from small industrial or commercial modifications to electrical systems for entire new facilities and processes.

We are offering our electrical services to industries are:


Instrumentation & Controls

Instrumentation and control is a branch of engineering that studies the measurement and control of process variables, and the design and implementation of systems that incorporate them. Process variables include pressure, temperature, humidity, flow, pH, force and speed.

Pak Arab Engineering (Pvt.) Limited provides a complete package of instrumentation services, ranging from routine calibration of individual electronic and pneumatic instruments to installation of the entire suite of instrumentation for a process system and its start-up. We furnish/refurbish and install control panels as per our client’s need.

Pak Arab Engineering (Pvt.) Limited has managed and expertise throughout more than 40 years and counting, following categorized works are on our arrow tip experiences.


To compare the certain standards or adequate to meet on standards it is impossible to run any equipment without calibration.

Our calibration services can offer any or all of the following for your process instrumentation, receive, check for shipping damage, check specification compliance, bench check and calibrate, store and inventory, issue for field installation. Our on-site systems technicians pinpoint and analyze problems to start your process quickly and efficiently.

Pak Arab Engineering (Pvt.) Limited guarantees quality systems maintenance throughout your facility to achieve on-schedule start-up of your new process.

To calibrate an instrument means to compare a standard (a known and certain measurement) and the measurement of your instrument. When you calibrate your instrument, you are basically making small adjustments to your instrument by comparing your instrument to a standard that is uniquely and accurately made to meet your needs.

Pak Arab Engineering (Pvt.) Limited specialized to maintain those standards while calibrating instruments in the industries with resourceful arrangements and technically grip on.

We are deals Control valves, PSVs, Transmitters and Detector to calibrate and their Loop Checks in industries.

We are also dealing in:

  1. Hydro testing of valves
  2. Tubing installation & connection
  3. Cable trays fabrication & installation
  4. Gliding & termination of instrument
  5. Valve commissioning
  6. Well heads maintenance

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