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PAEL workshop facility is capable of providing general and specific valves Refurbishment and overhauling services throughout Pakistan.

Service Description

PAEL workshop facility is capable of providing general and specific valves Refurbishment and overhauling services throughout Pakistan.

Valves are a key component to the efficient operation of most industrial processes and promote product quality and a company’s responsibility to the environment. They provide a safe operating environment plus provide safety protection in an emergency. Valves are expected to perform instantly and perfectly every time they are needed. It follows that a worn, faulty or leaking valve could result costing far more than the price of its own, new replacement.

Pak-Arab Engineering Limited are fully equipped to repair and/or recondition most makes, types and sizes of industrial valves, including safety valves, using skills and experience acquired over many years.

  1. 90% of valves consigned to the ‘graveyard’ or non repairable can be repaired economically;
  2.  Savings in excess of 60% can be achieved compared to the cost of new valves;
  3. Reconditioned valves can eliminate or significantly reduce modifications to expensive pipe work;
  4. Delivery is possible very quickly often in days, rather than weeks;
  5. Valuable time and reduced cost can be saved during plant shutdown and maintenance;

We provide a certified and guaranteed valve repair and valve reconditioning service for all types of valves, including safety valves, in every sector of industry. Most work is carried out in our workshops.

Our clients demand quality, flexibility, availability and cost savings to name a few. We will meet these challenges as we have made valve repair and valve reconditioning our specialty and have developed systems of operation, accredited to ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, OHS-AS:18001:2007 to meet the high standards required by our customers.

We will exhaust every avenue to provide clients with cost effective solutions to repair worn or damaged valves. However, for valves that are beyond economic repair we will be happy to provide costs to supply new replacements.

Types of Valves – to be repaired & maintained

  1. Pressure Safety Valve
  2. Control valve
  3. ball valve – all types
  4. butterfly valve
  5. Actuators – pneumatic,hydraulic (Multi-turn actuators, part-turn actuators, linear actuators)

Typical – Valve Maintenance Routines

Testing Steps

Work Carried Out

Pre-test the valve is mounted on a special test rig with its performance recorded.
the valve is stripped down to component form.
Inspection all components are inspected and their condition is recorded.
cleaned to ensure free movement plus short/standard re-lap of seat and disk.
Reassemble the valve is reassembled and rebuilt.
Set and Test the valve is set to the appropriate test pressure based on the application and medium. Any applicable additional tests, i.e. Kellogg bubble test and back pressure tests, are carried out.
Protection In readiness for shipping, all inlet/outlet ports are protected from ingress of unwanted matter.
Certification and Report a certified test certificate with findings report is furnished to the customer.


Non-repairable or unserviceable valves

Up to 90% of all valves are salvageable and may be overhauled at considerable savings when compared to purchasing a new unit. We can arrange collection and delivery of valves.

The customer will be advised if, in the opinion of our Senior Workshop Engineering Supervisor, the valve cannot be repaired or may not be economical to do so or is likely to be unreliable or may be prone to poor operation at a future date. Such advice will be supported with a report together with our recommendations on a suitable like-for-like replacement.

Control Valve Spare Parts, sourcing & supply:

Control valve spare parts

  1. Control Valve Seat rings
  2. Control Valve Cages
  3. Control Valve Plugs
  4. Control Valve Stems
  5. Control Valve Guide bushes
  6. Alternative spare trim manufacturing
  7. Emergency spare trim manufacturing service

Soft Goods and Seal Kits

  1. Control valve overhaul kits / soft spares
  2. Packing Sets
  3. Body joints / flexitallic joints for control valves
  4. Piston Rings / lip Seals
  5. Pressure Sealed Bonnet Graphite Seal systems

Control Valve Actuator Spares and Seal Kits

  1. Control Valve Actuator pistons
  2. Control Valve Actuator Springs
  3. Control Valve Seal Box sets
  4. Control Valve Actuator Diaphragms
  5. Control Valve Actuator Diaphragm Buttons
  6. Control Valve Actuator ‘O’ ring kits
  7. Control Valve Wiper Seals


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