Message From Chairman

Pak Arab Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd is an organization which strongly believes in human dignity, integrity, openness and fairness of its employees. The crux of our policy towards people is very straightforward. An individual’s success in EPC Projects, Plant Construction & Plant Services is directly proportional to the organization’s success. We also attach a lot of importance to issues such as loyalty to the organization, ability to work in a team and flexibility in taking up new assignments.

Pak Arab Engineering (Pvt.) Limited was established in 1981 and take starts from a small Mechanical workshop doing small jobs in agriculture field in local Daharki city Areas.

Now with the grace of Almighty ALLAH…! PakArab Engineering (Pvt.) Limited is well-organized firm providing Services in field of Mechanical, Civil, Electrical & Instrumentation in Oil & Gas Plants, Refineries, Fertilizer plants, Petro-chemical plants and Chemical Plants.

We have a strong motto of developing our Industries & our nation. We provide best quality services to our clients. We always give special importance to our clients with complete satisfaction in their work in specified budget & time.

We always aspire to remain on the cutting edge of technology, ensuring the highest standards of quality and business ethics

Abdul Ghafoor

Founder & Chairman

Pak Arab Engineering (Pvt.) Limited